Watch Us Play Nintendo Switch's Intriguing Co-op Puzzler, SnipperClips

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One of the most overlooked games at Nintendo’s Switch event
is also one of the most intriguing. See Nintendo’s four-player puzzle game in
action and hear our early hands-on impressions.

SnipperClips is a cooperative puzzle game in which two or
more players use the shapes of their characters to solve various puzzles. At
the beginning of the level, each character is shaped a bit like the Switch’s
Joycon controller. However, by rotating their bodies and walking in front of
one another, they can snip the overlapping portions to create new shapes. Players
must use these abilities to solve a variety of puzzles, from filling in
tangram-style shapes, to scooping up a basketball and shooting a free throw, to
whittling out pointy edges to pop balloons.

Watch the video below to see SnipperClips in action, and to hear
Ben Hanson and Ben Reeves’ early impressions from their hands-on demo.

SnipperClips will be available in March for $19.99, and will feature up to four-player
co-op puzzles as well as competitive activities.

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