People Think Lindsay Lohan And Her Accent Are Being Paid By Turkey's Government

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A phrase Lohan dropped twice while taking her new accent out for a spin — “the world is bigger than five” — has people in Turkey very suspicious.

OK, so by now you’ve probably seen this video and marveled at how Lindsay Lohan’s accent dances all over the map.

But something that went relatively under the radar is a phrase she says twice in her baffling cadence: “The world is bigger than five.”

Lohan also used the phrase as a hashtag for pictures taken during her visit to Turkey in September to visit Syrian refugees, which is a thing she does now.

Instagram: @lindsaylohan

And here she is using it again a week ago.

Instagram: @lindsaylohan

So what does it mean, you ask?

So what does it mean, you ask?

Walt Disney Co.

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