Just 27 Really Wholesome Celeb Encounter Stories That'll Make You Want To Meet Your Idols

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“A little act of acceptance from your hero when you’re 10 goes a long way…”

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1. “I was on a drama trip to London, and we were at the National Theatre doing a workshop and tour. We ended up sitting in the auditorium for our break, and in walks Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart. They were both so friendly and in such jovial moods – it put a huge smile on my face, knowing that those epic actors were such down-to-earth people.”


2. “Colin Firth came to visit my school a few years back. My friend and I were stood about 3 metres away from him while we waited to meet him, and he noticed us making hearts with our hands to him. He laughed and did it back. The whole thing was very pure.”


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