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Donald J. Trumpy Following
Hillary’ s debate answer on delay: “That is
horrifying. That is not the way our democracy
works. Been around for 240 years. We’ had
Elias Ill! IDEED
9: 55 PM – 27 Nov 2016
l Donald J. Trumpy Following
and fair elections. We’ accepted the
outcomes when we may not have liked them,
and that is what must be expected of anyone
standing on a –
10: 01 Nov 2016
Donald J. Trumpy
during a general election. I, for one, am
appalled that somebody that is the nominee of
one of our two major parties would take that
10: 08 PM – 27 Nov 2016
I Donald J. Trumpet Following
of position.” Then, separately she stated, “He
said something truly horrifying … he refused to
say that he would respect the results of —
HI HI m? ll it
10: 18 PM -27 Nov 2016
q Donald J. Trumpet
this election. That is a direct threat to our
democracy.” She then said, “We have to accept
the results and look to the future, Donald —
10 23 PM 47 Nov 2016
Donald J. Trumpy
Trump is going to be our President. We owe
him an open mind and the chance to lead.” So
much time and money will be spent – same
result! Sad
10: 29 PM – 27 Nov 2016

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