Award-Winning Board Game Mysterium Comes To Mobile And PC

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Asmodee Digital is releasing a digital version of Mysterium, a murder mystery table-top game for 2-7 players. This new version will release on iOS, Android and Steam as of this December. One person plays as an amnesic ghost trying to give clues while the other players are mediums trying to solve the mystery.

This game starts with the same basic premise of Clue but then adds supernatural elements that make it particularly spooky. Whichever player is the “ghost” can try to give hints in to everyone else with cards but stay mute during each round. The game has won a variety of awards including the Golden Geek and As d’Or 2016 Game of the Year.

Pricing differs depending on the platform, with it being $6.99 on mobile and $9.99 on Steam.

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